Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Could Have Died


I’ve always been a survivor, always come back strong,
And ready to take on the next challenge of life, regardless of the obstacles.
I’ve had poor health before, but the last time I was hospitalized,
It was more than just a close call, it was a miracle I survived so well.
Instead of question it, I choose to reflect on it, to analyze it,
To take it a part, and inspect it piece by piece.

I could have died,
But I had strength enough to come up again,
And show the world what I was made of.
I could have died,
But, I re-surfaced after drowning for so many hours,
And, I’m ready to get back to what’s important in life.

I remember that morning I opened my eyes for the second time,
And that lady was talking to me, and asking me to drink some juice,
I thought I was dreaming the entire thing,
I didn’t really believe a word she was saying.
But, as time passed over the month of July,
I slowly recovered, hung in there, and eventually
I had found something meaningful to boast about: Life.
I was lucky, and proud to be alive,
And so my new motto became:
That I always managed to survive!

Report Chorus

When I look back at that period now,
And I see how I am today,
I can see that I have improved dramatically,
Not just physically, but mentally as well.
Yes, I could have died, but, I escaped death
And, I found the strength to survive.
This should serve as a lesson to everyone:
That you can survive anything, Once you believe in yourself!

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