Wednesday, January 23, 2013



You left me devastated,
My arms up in the air,
Claiming it was all a lie.
You left me questioning,
How could such a great man
Die so fast?
And with no warning?
You left me crying,
The tears just kept coming out,
Cause there was no other way to release the pain.
You left me crushed,
I have no one else I could turn to now,
Now that you have left me…

Your life was taken so suddenly,
Without warning a car slammed behind you.
You were crushed, along with the car,
Luckily, it was a quick death you experienced.
The two girls in the car both survived,
With some serious medical attention,
However, the era of Mark and Kenny evaporated,
In a split second…

Repeat Intro

The following week the funeral was held,
And the mood was so somber,
With the rain coming lightly down,
Our hearts felt so empty.
We had nothing to say at the funeral,
A few of us could cry,
But most of us were silent,
And just stared into the darkness
That had taken over our world.

Chorus (#2):
You left us devastated,
Our arms up in the air,
Claiming it’s not fair, it’s not fair…
You left us asking questions,
How could he die without warning?
You left a vacancy in this world
And, we now had no one to entertain us.
You left us all crushed with grief
And we were looking for something…anything,
That could tell us why, why…
Did you have to go?

Baby, Baby Baby…
You left me devastated …
I have accepted your passing,
But I’ll never get over it.
I’ll never get the sound of your laughter
Out of my head,
There is no denying
That you have left me crushed.

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