Friday, January 18, 2013

Church Boy

Church Boy
This is a funny poem
about a straight boy lol.

You go to church every Sunday,
And they all look at you with envy.
Little do they know,
That you’re a selfish prick.

Ohh Church Boy,
The moment I saw that face of yours,
I admit I kind of fell in love.
Despite the fact you were moody,
Despite the fact that you stabbed
People behind their backs.

There’s only one man who keeps me up at night,
There’s only one man who feels me with such delight.
I often wonder if you secretly feel the same,
And if right now, you’re moaning my name…
Um, probably not…

You go to church every Sunday,
Family and friends keep introducing you to girls,
You talk to them, but never make a move,
And then make fun of them behind closed doors,
Just like you do with everyone else.
But, you manage to stay single,
And people are starting to wonder about you…
Myself included.

Ohh Church Boy,
Could you be gay? Gay? Gay? Gay?
Could I be the one
That could complete your life?
These are things I wonder to myself,
And things I will never know for sure,
Because I’m so reserved on the surface.

There’s only one man that makes me blush,
There’s only one man I have a crush on…
It’s the church boy that has invaded my fantasies
With his wicked and wild personality.

How could I resist the most perfect lips,
The most cocky attitude,
And the biggest, hottest butt I’ve ever seen?
Yes, I know you talk shit behind my back,
You told them all I was a freak,
But when we get to the bedroom…
I’ll show you what us freaks are all about. J

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