Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is a good one I posted on facebook
 awhile ago, but it deserves another visit. :)

I believe it was destiny.

Born on the fourth of July,
I was destined to be independent.
Wherever I may go,
I know, I’ll be strong all the time…
Doubted, and deflated,
I am destined to rise again,
While clearing away the rubble,
I race towards my goal of conquest!

Society today… Kind of drives me up a wall…
People whine and whine and whine about not having friends,
But make no effort to make the move,
To make the change in someone’s life…
They just sit on their ass
And wait for Mr. Right to come along…

There’s always been a problem,
With the way society has been.
We are always contradicting our every word,
Every emotion, and every feeling.
If it were up to me, I’d influence the world
To be more pro-active , and less lazy,
In their approach to life…

Yes, I believe this is destiny…

Repeat Intro…

Finding work the last few years,
Has been insanely ridiculous,
At least where I live.
You fill out a dozen applications on-line,
And, nobody even notices your resume…
Til’ months and months later.

The job goes to someone who knows less than you do,
You bite, you scream, and you wrip your hair out,
Cause this world today just doesn’t seem fair.
If it were up to me, I’d change the way job recruitment is ran,
And make it easier for potential candidates to pay their rent,
Buy their food, and get a long in life,
Without allowing the overwhelming stress to pile up!

This is destiny…

Repeat Intro.

Sometimes, I wonder what our ancestors think about our current civilization.
Do they get outraged, and throw things like we do?
Do they try to correct us when they see us make a mistake?
Or Do They simply just laugh at us all???

I believe I was destined!

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