Tuesday, January 1, 2013



You could be the one for me.
I’ve watched you for seven straight seconds,
And, I’m already whooped on you.
You got the flow in your hips,
You have the drive to succeed At anything,
And I think you should be mine…

I’ve been down and out for so long,
I avoided dating and socializing altogether,
But, the moment you glanced back at me,
I knew I had found something special.

Won’t you be the one
That makes me happy again?
Won’t you be the one that
Helps me end this streak?
Won’t you be my anchor?
Won’t you be my anchor
Before this ship sinks?

You could be my soul-mate,
I’ve been talking to you for days online.
You’re over 2,000 miles away,
But you make me smile and laugh like no one else,
You always write me im’s, emails, text messages and poetry,
And it makes me just want to be wrapped in you,
For the rest of my life and beyond.
Ohh how I feel so strongly for you.

I was down from a relationship,
But you showed me how love could feel,
And you led me to a better place
Where the grass is greener,
And the love is sweeter,
How can I go on now without you?


I was looking for true love,
Hard on myself for so long,
And never finding what I needed,
Until you reached your hand out to me,
And demanded that I for once be happy.

I can be your anchor for life,
You’ll never have to worry again,
With me in your life,
I will always be there for you,
I will treat you with respect,
And give you gifts of affection.
I will stay with you,
Never cheat on you,
Kiss your sweet lips,
Look in your eyes,
And tell you just how much I love you.

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