Saturday, January 26, 2013

Feeling So Pleasant

I’m Feeling So Pleasant

I was feeling so monotone,
So I headed to Pleasant Grove.
I quickly lost my sense of direction
And told myself I was lost.
As the story goes, I settled nearby
And found myself a job.
If it weren’t for my persistence,
And desire to not give up,
I wouldn’t have gotten this far.

And I feel no guilt
For what I did to you.
You don’t deserve my love
You will only get what you earned.

I found a way to
Make it work without you.
No more co-dependency,
No more loans,
No more tension
From being isolated.
I have re-invented myself.

I spent so much time
Trying to satisfy you.
I told you I’ll find a job any day now,
Just one more fucking day…
I gave into your demands,
I put your needs ahead of my own.
And that’s just not the way
Its supposed to be.
I was born to take care of me and only me.

Chorus (x2)

Someday soon, we will all just laugh at this time period,
The time when I couldn’t find a job,
And was struggling to survive.
Life has its ups and down,
And we all have our screw-ups,
But, in the end,
We are all just equally as human.

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