Friday, January 4, 2013

Behind The Curtain

In The Chamber Of Fate

I snuck right into your chamber,
Crept around until I found where you were hiding.
There was a couple torches lit,
As, you were writing in your journal.
I stepped behind a barrel
Where you couldn’t see me,
As you studied away (studied away)
On government, on kingdoms, on wars…
I listen as you chuckle to yourself,
And wonder how such a great researcher
Could make such a woeful ruler.

I had a cross-bow in my hands,
I didn’t know if I’d have guts to use it.
I think about all the anguish this could cause,
But, I just have become so obsessed with power,
That I felt like this was the only option left
To gain the throne,
And put this country on the right track.

My hands shake as I pull the trigger,
I’m filled with such regret,
Even before the arrow pierces your skin.
I watch as the blood flies everywhere,
And you slowly grab at your neck,
And you drop to the ground.

I rush over to you,
With tears swelling in my eyes.
I cry at first over the fact I’m a murderer,
But, eventually, I laugh,
I laugh hysterically, cause I’m overwhelmed,
By the reality of what I’ve done,
As well as the excitement
 over securing the throne.


I pick up your body,
Clean up the blood,
Take the arrow out,
And set the scene up,
To make it look like it
Was someone else.

I leave the chamber of fate,
To alert the country, and my family,
That the emperor of 11 years is gone,
And there will be a new man to lead
This nation now.

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