Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back At Home With You

Back At Home With You
Dedicated to: someone special
on my fb friends list lol. :)

I was down in life,
Fired from yet another job,
Devastated when he passed away,
But relived to still be alive,
To make a contribution,
And to love again.

I was so young,
And you were so depressed,
I don’t think I knew how to treat you,
How to talk to you then…
So, we separated for a long while,
To give ourselves time to grow up,
And try again when we were stronger…

As I’ve gone down this road in life,
You’ve always been there,
You never leave me,
You keep me warm,
When I need you the most.
Regardless of how many careers I destroy
Or how many friends I lose,
You always respect my heart,
And treat me like I’m a prince,
And that is why I’m so in love with you…

After you, I was desperate in relationships,
And I couldn’t find a good man to save my life.
My family kept wondering what I saw in these scums,
And even recommended a couple blind dates to me,
But they never worked out,
Nobody quite understood, including myself,
That good and bad relationships come,
And we must all learn from them.

I’ve always been na├»ve,
Never judging people by their looks,
Always focusing on the positive!
But, as I grew up, and continued to hurt,
It was obvious I needed a change of attitude.
And that is what led me to you,
And this time it worked.
The key to my future, was in my past all along.

Repeat Chorus (x2)

You make me so happy now,
Just lying on your bed again,
And looking into your eyes again…
You are one of the biggest computer nerds I know…
And that to me is purely beautiful!

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