Friday, January 11, 2013


This is one I posted about a year ago
on facebook,
but never on blogger.

We were too stupid to be good to each other,
Got stuck in our own habits,
We blamed our mistakes on one another,
And couldn’t get past our own sensitivities
To realize that we were both wrong,
We are both wrong.

The problem is we are both similar,
Similar tastes, similar style, similar art…
We both want to be taken away by a lover…
And instead of cruising together,
We curse each other out,
Just for being alike…
And, now you are gone,
Vanished into thin air,
As if our times together meant nothing.
Just like I did to so many other people in my life.

But, if I had one more shot at you,
I’d treat you like a prince.
If I had more date with you,
I’d treat it like it was our last night together.
Oh Anibal, Oh Anibal…
Can’t you see I’m depressed here without you,
And I need you to paint another picture with me…
Anibal, Anibal, Anibal…

Now, I’m struggling without you,
I can’t concentrate on anything anymore.
I shake constantly, and simply moving from room to room,
Takes more energy than I have stored up.
I wonder right now what you are doing,
And, if you need my help.
But no, I must remove this thought from my head,
Before I end up at your house,
And do something really foolish.

Repeat Pre-Chorus
Repeat Chorus

If I were in your bed right now,
I would wrap you up tightly,
And never let you leave my sight again,
I’d be the only friend you’d need,
I’d kiss you over and over again,
And be your personal servant forever!

Oh anibal…
Oh anibal…
Oh anibal…
Please, come back for me!

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