Thursday, November 1, 2012


08-17-2010 to 09-13-2010

I am proud.
I walk gracefully down the street at night.
My compassion burns strong
Now that I love myself.

I was once in a battle with myself,
Kept apologizing for who I was,
But, then I realized,
I can’t live up to anyone’s expectations,
I can only live up to my own promise.

This is my monologue,
I feel stable once again
Now that I have faith in my existence.
This is my monologue,
I can shut my eyes with conviction now,
My confidence is deep,
And I love everyone on this planet…
I just can’t wait for the next day to begin.

There is no distance too far,
No extreme I won’t explore
To get to where I need to be.
I waited for so long
To reach my next milestone.
I had been under-performing for so long…

At one time in my life,
I would give up too easily,
And let my competitor win.
But, today that’s going to change,
I am gonna be number one from here on out…
There will be no more surrender.


As I look at myself in the mirror,
I know I can’t possibly be ugly anymore.
I am as beautiful on the outside
As I am on the inside…

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