Friday, November 23, 2012

Unwillingly Popular

Unwillingly Popular

The Prince walks along the empire
Ignoring the ladies chanting his name.
Just sticking to his business,
And honoring the kings’ duties for him.

He is cute, young, insecure,
Doesn’t know how attractive he is.
Doesn’t know that life has a dangerous
Mission ahead for him.

He walks along with a glorious smile on his face,
But he’s insecure underneath it all.
Doesn’t understand why he gets all those awkward glances,
Doesn’t realize the ladies are lining up to marry him.
(He only cares about just one lady.
And she is not one who’s chanting his name.)

His mother just sits in her basement too depressed to care
Of his choice of a lover.
Too dead inside to go anywhere in life.
Somewhere deep inside she hopes the best for him,
That he will serve this country proudly,
Not have to deal in war,
And find a woman of worth someday.

The prince sensing her depression for the last ten years
Is very concerned with how shut down his mom is,
Since the day their father died,
She has hidden herself from sight,
Almost as if he has now lost both parents…

Sometimes he cries over his life…
He has little support,
His parents are both gone,
He has not a friend alive,
Perhaps except for that pretty lady of his.

I may walk along with a glorious smile on my face,
But, I am depressed myself.
I don’t understand why my life has to be like this,
I don’t feel old enough to accept responsibility
Of taking over as this empire’s leader.
I don’t know why people cheer my name,
And say I am the chosen one.

So still I sit looking out onto the blue sea…
My soul is lost today.
If only the gods could show me the right path to follow,
It would make this life of mine so much easier.

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