Friday, October 26, 2012

Mister Independent

Mister Independent

Inspired by: Monte,
One of the most beautiful people you’ll ever lay eyes on…

I’m just a little bit too co-dependent on myself.
I keep walking down this street
Without even glancing at another soul.
I have gone through the ropes of life,
And I know just who I can count on…
Who has been there for me since day one.
And that is me, my friend.

Yet, you keep questioning my choices,
Like you’ve been my friend for ages.
I can’t ask you for help,
Cause I am far more reliable than you.
You shrug your shoulders at me,
Like you don’t have faith in my words
But, don’t take my word for it…
Watch the way I live…
And someday maybe you’ll understand…

I see so many people who get married so early,
And never know what it’s like to live on their own.
Never know what it takes in this world to survive.
Nobody wanted to date me when I was younger…
And eventually when I got into relationships
I never found a man capable of accepting me,
So I always find myself fleeing from relationships.

You keep trying to judge me
For doing what I did.
I had to make tough decisions
And stand up for myself…
Just for once in my life,
I had to grab the sword
And declare this land is mine…

Someday, you’ll have to defend yourself,
You’ll have to break away from the weak,
Oh, you’ll realize what pain  feels like…
What rage feels like,
And, then you’ll understand
Why I am this way…

You see, I was always picked on,
And, I had few friends growing up.
I had nobody there to understand me.
And, once he put his knees into my chest,
I had to help myself up,
And learned to never rely on another being again.

Mister Independent.

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