Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Outcast Revisted


Ever since I was young,
I’ve always been the odd one out.
I was always chosen last for the team,
So I had to cry myself to sleep…
Eventually, I taught myself to be patient,
I told myself it’s better to be a free spirit
Than to act like you’re something you’re not.

But, sometimes it gets hard living this way,
Denying yourself social rewards
In exchange for being a dynamic individual.
I told myself it was worth the pain,
I looked at what my family lied about,
About how awful their life’s really were,
How many cracks were in their image…
The Cracked family portrait that’s lying on the floor…
All the frustration and all the pain…
It’s like an avalanche came down upon you
At the very end…

I could not let that happen to me,
In relationships, it’s always been real,
I’ve never lied about the person I loved.
Until I met the biggest scum on the planet…
I wasted four months with you,
And yet I didn’t feel a thing.
I kept trying to control you,
And all along I should’ve ran
On the very first day…
And so now I learned a hard lesson,
And I gained sympathy for you.
I know what it’s like to stay with someone
You will never grow to love.

All the gifts you throw away,
All the words you never meant,
Unlike you, I know who I love now…
He’s sitting deep behind the scenes,

And I loved him all along
But, does he, by chance, love me back?

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