Friday, November 2, 2012



Another positive one :)

Today the sun shines again
As I walk across the avenues
Of  destiny again with a grin
on my face.

I was so close to being vaporized,
So close to being buried alive,
But, I clung to a chance,
And I dragged my feet through the desert,
And, I found my opportunity at long last.

I found my water in the desert,
I found my chance to be significant once again
Gone are my days of youth now,
As I accept the challenges of  adulthood.
I found my stability once again,
I found the courage to make a stand,
And declare that things will be different this time.

No, this ain’t no illusion,
I have found my oasis.
A place where I can learn and grow,
A place I can call my home away from home,
An alternative to my previous distortions.

I had lost my grip on reality,
The days and nights became muddled together
And, I lost my sense of purpose as I fought depression.
But, I still had strength and that strength carried me here,
And there is no turning back now.


On my day of destiny,
I stayed up all night
Because I was so excited for change.
And, after such a long drought,
I was easily taken in and accepted
To be part of the team.


I know the journey still goes on from here,
And it will be difficult to get everyone to love
A Complex personality like mine,
But, I have got to keep believing, I have got to stay social and free,
And not tied up,
And I will achieve the level of prominence I
Have desired for so long.

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