Friday, November 16, 2012

Who Am I?

Who Am I?
06/08/2010 to 7-7/2010

Who Am I? Questions like these haunt me everyday.
I chase you all around town
Just for one meaningless date.
It’s a new guy for me every week,
And never do I get what I seek…
Never do I find the one soul
That will help me end this cycle. 

My value is so high,
And my character is so strong,
And yet I have nothing to show for my efforts.
So much energy I have spent
Just to get to this point
Where I can call you my man.

And, I keep on waking up next to you,
And I don’t feel a thing for you,
You’re just a situation I find myself in,
You’re just the guy who fell in love with me,
You can’t possibly be the husband I need.

Who is this Italian bitch lying next to me?
He told me he wants to marry me today…
With all these gentlemen I have met,
And all the empty promises that have meant nothing,
I continue searching for the one man
Who will mean the world to me.
Will I ever find him?


Through all of this,
I have learned more of who I am,
More of who I should be,
And more of who I will become.

It’s only a matter of time before
Destiny will have her revenge on me.
I know I will find a good man I can love,
But right now, I have got to find a way…
To escape from this inherent self-abuse.

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