Friday, November 9, 2012

Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones
08-04-2010 to 09-19-2010

I’m just skin and bones,
No matter what I do,
I feel like I’m going around in circles,
Left out in the humidity to die…
Oh, I’m just skin and bones,
I look worse every day,
And I still can’t seem to find
Enough food to survive anymore.

Lost out here in the middle of nowhere
Unwillingly anorexic,
I keep moving towards an end that looks satisfying…
A possibility I can cling onto that will
Bring promising results in the end.

I want you to know that despite a couple mis-steps,
I really did try to find myself a job.
Nobody is perfect,
And I can’t choose the outcome of destiny,
Nor can I decide how strong this economy will be.
I’m just a rare mind in a rough world
That cannot appreciate the gifts I can bring…


Crawling along,
Just grasping for a hand to pull me
Out of the quicksand.
I’m sinking farther into debt…
Farther into this wreck of a lifestyle
That brings only consequences and no rewards…
I find myself back at the start again!


Dehydration and Hunger have settled in…
As I take my last few breaths…
I contemplate all my decisions
And question why they had to happen,
And why I had to accept fate this way…

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