Sunday, April 1, 2012


May 31st, 2009
Poem from my 5th book of poetry. :)

The world is so irresponsible,
Our companies continue charging fees
While the customers continue to complain
About not having enough money to pay.

The customers are out of work,
Out of money
And out of time.

 It makes me wonder every time
I see a credit card company increase rates.
Then, the government has to step in,
Just to straighten these CEO’s out.

The world can be so dangerous,
A lethal place, With so much to explore,
So much opportunity and wealth can be gained,
And yet so much energy wasted
On things we can’t control,
Things we can’t decide.
I wish I had a solution,
To find a balance between the two.
But, all I have are opinions.

The world’s economy has been hit with a torch,
Larger corporations blew up from the inside
And, now it’s up to the rest of us
To face the consequences for their actions.

We can’t find any work now,
We’re all on the streets now,
There’s nothing we could do
To stop the avalanche.

It makes me wonder every time
I see another series of lay-offs.
Why did we put our trust in you?
What do your employees get bonuses
While we struggle just to get food every week?


All the money we put in a cookie jar,
Is not enough to save us from losing our home.
Its not my most favorite thing to talk about,
But these corporations are running our country…
Straight into the ground.

I miss the days of old,
When we had simple jobs,
And a steady paycheck that came
Every week.

If I had only one more chance
At a career in this country,
I would sell my belongings
Just to make it work again.

Just to make it work again.

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