Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cultural Shock

Cultural Shock
09-14-2004 to 01-25-2005
This is from my second book of poetry,
very old stuff, but this poem is fascinating.

It’s the death of a regime
And I’m starting to clear up the rubble.
The head-vampire is leaving the team
And it’s up to me to stay out of trouble.

I believe the sidekick may need a couple more days
Before he’ll ever come back again.
I do hope he speaks again before the sun-rays
Began to hit my limp cock, in the morning, again.

I was there and I saw the assault,
So don’t accuse me of treachery.
The proposition was your fault,
So don’t go lie your heart out to the jury.

You may feel like I crossed the line
But  baby, it’s all in your mind.
You may feel like I put you in an awkward position
But, this is all part of my master mission!

Yeah, so you never figured it out before,
I guess it’s some kind of shock.
But yet, you keep asking me for more,
It must be some kind of cock.

I’ve watched the princess as she’s strolled by
And I’ve seemed to have taken a fancy to her.
She believes that I’m just another guy
But she has to realize my originality’s pure.
I hope someday she gives up the myth
That there ain’t no happy ending.
It’s been so long since I’ve had a kiss,
Please let’s make this the beginning!

So many times we’ve spent at your base
And now it’s coming to an end!
We’ve fought many times
And never thought I’d see the end.

So many inconsistencies
All coming from my head.
Last time, I checked our frequency,
I got nothing, it was dead.

I know I may have been unstable,
But, I still deserve some respect.
So before you unhook the cable,
Just remember I’m not an insect.

Chorus (x2)

You never figured it out before.
You never figured it out before.
I guess it’s some kind of shock!
I guess it’s some kind of shock!
I guess it’s some kind of

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