Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Panoply Of War
This is the second poem of the book Prince Charming, an all-fiction book of poetry.
Oh, the scars of war that this nation has endured
Time after time putting our cities under siege.
It’s a continuous never ending tug-a-war…
One day we’re winning, the next we are losing.
And it seems like there is no end to this war.
It puts too many of our men and women in the hospital
It drives our economy and funding down,
Causing over-taxation and grief on our citizens.

They have amassed from all sides,
With no sympathy in their minds,
And the axes of steel held firmly in their hands…
I can’t see them with my eyes now,
But I can feel them in my mind.

I have watched my friends go and never come back alive.
I have seen people end their lives so they won’t be chosen next.
I have cried in silence as this empire slowly crumbles to nothing…
I have held this great sword which my daddy used to swing…
Oh papa, how I need you here to guide me!

The pressure mounts on my shoulder,
As I contemplate whether to make a stand against the supposed enemies,
Or whether to stay at home and help rebuild…
I have been handed everything in life
I haven’t felt what it was like to be butchered
For being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
I know there is no fate in this at all,
Only a thing called random chance
Which will eventually land me the throne.

Repeat Chorus

I watch from my balcony as people struggle,
They are struggling so hard to keep their heads up,
And still survive on a day to day basis…
We know they are coming,
They are coming for revenge
For what we did to them ages ago…

Won’t the gods please help us? Make this war end already.

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