Saturday, April 28, 2012


January 14th, 2007
This one is great! :)

4 years and 3 months
Of working in the same organization.
I know I have scars for every time
I got whipped by you.
I got my ass back in gear
And put on the best product I could have.
I put on my tie,
Brushed my teeth every morning,
And socialized with my entire team.
But, that wasn’t enough to save me.

Even after everything I’ve contributed,
I still couldn’t hold onto my position.
The once strong company I worked for
Is now being mis-managed by egotistical men
Who care more about their salary
Than they do their own employers’ happiness.
Now, that I’ve made my final exit,
I know this company will eventually implode.

At one time, I admit I was a fool.
I stirred up controversy
And acted in many inappropriate ways.
But as the last two years progressed,
I cleaned up my act
And showed you what I was made of.
I put on my tie,
I brushed my teeth every morning
And I socialized with my entire team.
But, even that couldn’t save me.

Even after everything we’ve been through,
You still had one bullet left in your gun.
Despite everything I’ve sought to improve,
I’m just another document that has to be shredded.
All of our supervisors…
Take the money we make
And keep it in their dam pocket,
It’s so unfair…

Everyone gets laid off
At some point or another.
But, it’s up to me
To save my friends from
This arrogant organization.

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