Sunday, April 22, 2012


February 6th, 2006-February 12th, 2006
This one is a bit odd, 
but I had to get this off my chest lol. 

Today’s society makes me laugh.
They make a big fuss about homosexuality
On the television screen.
Yet, they make no fuss about all
The violence and people dying on
All the video games our children are playing.

Society is just one big double-edged contradiction
Just waiting to find its’ prey.
It waits in the shadows
Before it reaches out to grab its’ victim
And feast on its’ meat.

Today’s society makes me sick.
They sit here and call a man a stud
If he has a lot of sexual partners
But calls a woman a ‘slut’ or ‘whore
If she has a lot of sex.
Women haven’t gotten the proper respect
For centuries now,
And I say it’s time for a change
Once and for all.

Society is just one big, double-edged contradiction,
Just waiting to find its’ prey.
It just waits in the shadows
To find innocent victims to feed on.

The Night-Crawlers
Live on the dark places of the earth.
The Night-Crawlers
Go hunting for the innocent like us.
We didn’t do anything to deserve this,
It goes from a welcome hand-shake
To a very un-welcome french kiss.
The night-crawlers take the joy away
From everything…

We are the victims
And we have to fight back.
We have to rise up
Against the organizations
That supposedly make us feel safe.
We must free ourselves from the burdens
That limit our potential for productivity.
We are not test subjects,
We are not knobs you can turn,
We are human beings!

Human beings who wants to reach the promised land
Of love, growth, respect and fame.
These authority figures,
A.K.A. slaves of society’s old system,
Are out-dated, tireless and dangerous.
They are just machines,
Who don’t give us youths a chance.

We need to protest, start a fire
And demand our freedom & respect back.
Because we are human beings
And we possess the answers to the future.

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