Friday, August 31, 2012


This one is a nice positive change from my usual! :)

It may be cold outside,
But that won’t stop me from getting what I want.
I may be shivering,
But I won’t let my fears swallow me whole.

I am relentless,
And I’ll never stop
Going for my dreams.
I am relentless
And you know I’ll never
Give up on my pursuit for prominence.

There may be obstacles in my way,
But, they will not come between me and my goal…
The world may never know a man like me again…
Who put his convictions before anything else…

When I walk down the street,
I know everybody will turn their head
Cause the world has never known a man
As courageous as me.

When I open up my eyes in the morning,
I know that I’ve got it made,
Even when I’m dirt-broke
And have nothing at all to my name.


I told myself to go on and never look back,
To keep running into the future
Cause you never know what opportunities await.

Running into the future,
I may trip along the way a couple of times,
But, I know I will find just what I need
At exactly the right time.

I am relentless,
And I will not give up!
I am relentless.

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