Friday, August 24, 2012


June 29th-July 14th, 2009
This one is a hiarious old,
love poem lol.

Marky, Marky, Marky
Oh baby, how I’m hooked on you.
Ever since the day we met,
I’ve got my mind set on
Making you happy.
There is nothing I want more
Than your naked body in my bed right now.

When I walk down the street,
I start thinking about you,
And all I want to do is see you again
And hold you all night.

I will gladly go the distance for you.


I always want to see you again,
Whether I’m at work, or school,
Or just alone at home.
You’re the greatest thing that’s
Ever happened to me,
And I don’t want to lose you…
To somebody else.

I will gladly cook, clean,
And do you’re  laundry for you.


I’ve met a lot of guys in my day
But you’re personality tops them all.
There is no other penis in the whole wide world,
That I want to please quite like yours.

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