Friday, August 3, 2012

Dead End

Dead End
June 24th, 2009
An older poem in dedication
to the recession.

Oh how this recession has affected me.
I’m a old man living in a small town,
I have no friends nor family
Nearby to lend me any support.

I have no car on which to drive,
Nor are there any train tracks
That come through this place.

It appears I’m stranded
With nowhere to run and
Nowhere to hide.
Ever since the day I was laid off,
I’ve been struggling
To keep my head above water.
Oh how this recession has affected me.

Everyday I check the newspaper,
To find myself a job,
Everyday, it’s the same in my home town,
There are no jobs left,
There are no dreams
That I can hold onto anymore,
There is not a single soul that I can
Cuddle next to late at night.

I guess I’m stranded
On this ship at sea going nowhere,
There is no final destination,
There is no lover of mine waiting for me
To come back home.
Oh how this recession has affected me.
Oh how this depression has crippled me.

I use to believe in a world,
Where I would become successful and rich,
But now, I know that’s just a dream
And I can’t reach my potential
As long as I live here.
Oh how this recession has blinded me.

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