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Growing Up

Growing Up
February 23rd, 2009
This could be dedicated
to what's going on in today's

Why has the world gone dumb?
Why do we still hurt each other,
When we know it will come back to haunt us?
Why do we gamble our time and money
When we are already winning at the game of life?

I remember when I was a young kid,
I use to think the world was such a beautiful place,
With the green trees sitting in the sunshine,
With the feel of the wind across my skin.
Life used to be so simple,
I didn’t even have to work 40 hours a week,
I didn’t have to worry about losing money,
It was so easy to smile then.

Today the world is coming to an end,
Because we couldn’t find a way to mend.
One persons’ grudge upon us has
Left both of us wounded for ages.
Every time we try to get along,
We just get farther and farther apart.

Why do we stone our own brothers?
Why do we constantly judge each other
But don’t pass judgment on ourselves?
When are we going to be able to co-exist peacefully?

It seems it doesn’t matter what year it is,
We always find a way to smash someone’s face in.
I remember when I was younger, I use to talk
To people who had been rejected by their families and friends
Just because they were a little different
And just needed a bed to stay warm in.
I learned the bitter truth from a young age,
And that is that you have to really take care of yourself.

Today the world is coming to an end,
Because we can’t find a way to mend.
One Mis-Interpretation from the bible
And suddenly we are ripping each others’ heads off.
Every time, we try to have a valuable
Conversation about this subject,
We end up reaching for our gun.

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