Friday, June 29, 2012

No Fear...In Love

No Fear…In Love
September 5th-September 9th, 2007
This one is very personal,
but it's kind of a neat story. :)

My life used to be so simple and safe.
I used to just wait at home and
Dream for someone to come along-
Who would let me run away with them…
I was so closed down then.

But, when you came into my home,
You took everything away from me
And left me so bitter and cold that night.

I pulled the covers up over me
And prayed to God to put me to sleep,
Can’t you see I’m crying?
Crying for someone to take me out of here.

I shivered the whole night through
But I still did my job,
And I still functioned completely,
I still carried the fire in my conversations,
And I still had time to love you.

When I started dating online,
I didn’t have any clear set views or goals,
I just wanted a reason not
To be in that awful place.

I met some great men
And I met some disgusting men.
I had some great times with you
But I also had nightmares
Not worth having again.
And, when I met a man
Who wouldn’t take no for an answer,
I knew I had to escape
So I ran, ran as hard as I could,
Into the night---
And back to that awful place.


I don’t know why
I’ve done all these things
Yet with so little regret.
I don’t know why I can’t
Do things in moderation
And concentrate on one thing at a time.
But, I know now
That I’ve grown from my mistakes.

2 ½ months after that awful day,
I met one of the greatest men ever.
It undid all the drama, hurt,
I had experienced over the summer.
It gave me a new chance
To be happy again.

I love you so much
And I’m more than fortunate
To have found you.

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