Monday, June 18, 2012


August 19th-August 29th, 2007
Everyone has felt like this 
before. :)

Until I met Chad,
I’d never had
A real relationship with a man before.
But, now that I’ve found you,
I feel happier than I’ve ever felt before.
So happy that I want to spend
Every night alone with you.
Every morning
That I’ve woken up to your face,
And every night,
When we’ve fallen asleep together
Have been the best times of my life, so far.
We seem perfect for each other.
So, why am I not content with just you?

Eighteen months ago,
When I met Kenny,
Me and you hit it off so well together.
We made out constantly,
Had great sex
And even shared a few laughs.
But, every night has to
Come to an end.

But, when I found out you
Still wanted me, I knew
I couldn’t refuse.
So, I let you take me
By the hand once again.
It was one of the greatest
Nights I’ve had so far
But now that I’ve done it,
I feel really, really bad.
Not cause I cheated,
But because I can’t decide
Between the two of you.

I love you both so much,
I’m a slave to your touch,
When you kiss me,
And hold me all night,
How I could possibly say no
To the man of my dreams?

I remember the first time
We ever had sex.
We had so much fun
With you on top
Just making love to me.
I wish sex between you and me
Was that hot every time.
I wish we could cuddle all weekend long
But I still got my eyes on Kenny
And I’ve known Kenny for a long time.
I feel really awkward
Cause I love both of you
So much that I could cry.


I want you so bad.

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