Friday, June 15, 2012


December 30th, 2007-January 6th, 2008
Semi-old love poem.

I am so heart-broken
But I’m not giving up yet,
I’ve gone miles and miles
Just to get here
And I won’t stoop to my grave
And close myself down again
Cause someone ripped my heart apart.

I want all my friends to know
What I’ve been doing all this time.
I’ve pushed you guys away
To go on voyages of my own,
But I should have embraced you all with open arms.

My life has taken a twist
Since you pushed me out the door
Like I’ve done to so many men myself.
Now, it’s so cold outside
And cold inside my heart.
But, I’ve got to keep on believing,
Believing in a better life.

I’ve got so many worries
Inside my mind
That are just burning up…
Burning up my consistency.
But, I won’t lower myself
To a weaker conscious
And become more like you.


Chapters of our love, burning,
The ashes fall to the ground
And the wind carries them away.
Our memories will live on
Vividly inside our hearts,
But our minds will punish
Us with regret.

I’ll never forget the time,
I tried so hard to help but I made everything worse.
I’ll never forget the time
I was the one getting dumped.
I never forget all the times
I was treated unfairly.
And, you’ll never forget the day
That I wouldn’t let you
Walk all over me anymore.

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