Sunday, June 3, 2012


Memorial Day 2006
Great Older Poem. :)

When I was young,
I use to be insecure,
I use to be shy.
I use to be picked on,
I use to feel awful.

When I was young,
I use to daydream all the time
About how great a utopia would be.
I use to be so afraid of the real world
That I created a world out of my fantasies.

I had no sense of direction,
I was lost…
I was behind the rest of the boys,
It seemed like it took me years to catch up.

Even when I was in High School,
I still felt like I was a little boy.
A little boy who was surrounded
By a bunch of bigger, scary men.


Well, I’m not a little boy anymore
And this man is coming to get you.

When I was young,
I use to think about the day I would become a man.
Even if I’m not a man as I write this,
I’m a man when I finish this.

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