Sunday, July 1, 2012

No Fear

No Fear
February 19th-February 24th, 2008
This one is quite cool, I think. :)

Having escaped my family,
I keep running onto my next destination.
Running away, oh I keep running away,
Just to save myself from the chaos.

I’ve burnt our memories we had together
Since you decided to alienate me.
Now, that I’ve left you behind,
You can’t hurt me anymore.

I’m on my own now
And I can’t look back
To try to figure out the past.
I’m on my own now,
And I no longer have to worry
About my room-mate being too selfish,
With all the stuff that you put me through,
I’m on my own now.

When my foot was buried in water,
I felt God was just teaching me a lesson,
But now I ponder his existence
And question what this life is really about.

Every morning, I checked the windows
And I locked all the doors,
But it never does any good
After the crime is committed.


I know that no challenge will be too
Difficult for me to conquer.
I’m on my now,
And I’ve got no fear
And all the drive in the world.

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