Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love & Lust

Love & Lust
May 27th, 2008
This one is sort-of neat,
explicit content, you've been
warned! Lol. ;)

When I sit down on my couch,
And its dark outside,
I began to get lonely
And I start to think about you.

Pushing me against the wall
And trying to fit it inside.
My mind goes crazy as I
Feel torn between fear & lust.
My legs start to shake
And you pull me up
So we can do it on your bed.
You lay me on my stomach
And start slamming into me from behind.

Oh how I want you here
To hold me.

Tonight, I’m feeling the pain
Cause it’s been too long since
I woke up in your arms.
The demands of the world
Are keeping me from
Seeing my baby.

When I lay in my bed,
I start to contemplate my universe.
Then I began to get horny
And I think of your beautiful face.

You roll me over on your bed,
And slide it back in.
I start breathing heavy
And running my hands through your hair.
You push my legs up over you’re head
An start pounding my ass harder.
I pull up to kiss your tender lips
As you lift me up
To ride your sweet cock.

Tonight, I’m feeling a different kind of pain
Cause it’s been so long
Since I’ve had you deep inside me.
You know I have to work now
To make me some money,
But it creates so much sadness
Between us when we can’t see each other.
The demands of this world
Are keeping us apart…

The first night we met,
We hit it off so well.
But, that was a month ago
And I want to be with my honey tonight.

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