Friday, March 1, 2013

Scorpion Sting

Scorpion Sting

 Chorus (#1)
With the sting of the scorpion upon my lips,
My body falls prey to you.
With your hypnotizing hands on my hips,
You whisper in my ear sweet truths.
My vision is blurring…
                                                                                My hands are shaking…               
All I know is that I’m in love with you!

I hang out with you for a time,
Have a good time, crack a few jokes,
But, then we wear on each other,
And have to spend some time apart.

My friends all wonder why I’m so hooked on you,
But, they haven’t walked my path,
And they have not felt the power of love,
And what it can do…
I always keep running back to you…

Chorus (#2):
Oh baby, with your tongue running up my thighs,
I go crazy with anticipation,
As my blood pressure continues its rise,
 My hands run through your hair,
As you flash me your evil stare…
I feel a slight pain
As you go deeper inside,
But I know that you won’t hurt me,
You’re only here to help!!!

I had been chasing after you for a long time.
Last year was insane, I became so jaded
As I continued my battle against evil.
With odds fully against me,
I with-stood several set-backs,
But, I eventually won the war!
But I felt this year, I was ready for change,
I needed to find love, not another battle,
 I wanted love to bloom, Between you and I.

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

Baby, I’ll hold your hand every night,
As we watch the sun goes down.
You may be poisonous to others,
But you’re really sweet to me.:)

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