Thursday, February 28, 2013



                My problem with society is also problems I see within’ myself. I think this era of only communicating with people via email, facebook, im, etc… is actually bringing our people further and further apart. I believe it psychologically harms us by not giving us enough direct contact with each other, and having real in person experiences. I believe it also gives an increase in criminal behavior and dishonesty, because anybody can go online and lie about who they are, their age, what their circumstances are and stuff like that, but they can also easily hack into accounts, company web-sites, they can steal identies, and money, destroying credit and ruining lives.
                If anybody today tries to date online, chances are you will grow impatient and sick and tired of mis-communications. Whether it’s getting into a texting war with someone, or being rejected online when you could have been accepted if you actually had met the person face to face. Society has always been cold, the way we reject people based on looks alone, or how we insist on placing everyone into different groups still puzzles me to this day. I would have hoped that our species would have advanced by now. But, with the rise of online technology, it’s become even easier to bully or harass an individual. My hope for society is that we will one day, be able to love and respect one another equally, and not choose favorites!
                What this world needs is to be brought together, to bridge the gap in communication, but it seems like we may be getting farther and farther apart. Not only do social web-sites stunt our growth, but it also makes us lazier, and eventually fatter. All the internet games, gambling (online or casino), porn, online dating web-sites, and all social web-sites are taking us away from the important issues we should be focusing on, like our spouse, our families and taking aim at our career.
We need to get ourselves, our kids, and our spouses away from the computer, and the television and get ourselves outside much more often. Perhaps walk around our own neighborhood, and say hello to a neighbor or two. Our western culture is entirely focused on the self, and so many of us just stay boarded up in our own home, paying attention to our own needs and desires, and ignoring others. However, if we accepted others into our life’s and listened to their stories, then we would have more friends, more support and we would end up living a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life!
If you are reading this right now, and you feel you may be guilty of any of this, take a look around you, and notice all the beautiful walks of life around you. See how wonderful it can be to look at humans on an individual basis, and not use bias, or stereotypes. This is what every human being should do! If we did this for just five minutes a day, we would have a much more accepting society, with less hatred and bias, and our world would benefit greatly from it!!!

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