Friday, March 29, 2013

Angel In Disguise

Angel in Disguise

The little autistic angel hardly says a word,
dreams big thoughts of someday being a hero.
He is simple, honest and free
of any form of corruption or anguish
That his fellow brothers are in.
He believes the honest way of doing things
Is the only way to live your life.

He walks through the streets of Ogden
easily irritated, but always trying to do the right thing,
He always goes the same route, always shops at the same store,
Always talks to the same people.
He only does what is completely and absolutely safe
in his mind’s eye.

He is an angel in disguise,
A blessing to all those who know him,
At work, he never thinks of himself,
He only does what he thinks would benefit his team.
And his team loves him so…

This little angel in disguise
Often gets hounded by men online,
But he just laughs,
And goes about his day,
In the most authentic way he knows how.
He knows he wants to find someone to love,
But doesn’t want to rush anything.
I know I’ve made many mistakes with men,
And I don’t want to be with another psycho,
If I can help it!!!


Before you try to judge me for what I did,
Or what I didn’t do, Take in mind,
That you haven’t walked these footsteps,
Haven’t had these choices to make,
Haven’t heard the lies they used to tell me,
And think I wouldn’t know.

You think I wouldn’t know?
When you whispered it while I was in the same room,
Yes, I’m quiet, but it won’t last forever,
Soon I shall get my revenge,
And I won’t be satisfied until your blood is on the floor.

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