Thursday, March 28, 2013

You're The One For Me

You’re The One For Me

Yes, it’s true I write a lot of love songs,
But they’re just dreams and ideas of what love should be.
You are true to me,
And our relationship is real,
So, this poem is about you, my new love.

When it’s late at night, and I start to feel lonely,
I know there is one soul, that will take a walk with me,
And help ease my bored mind,
And interest me with his sense of humor.

The journey we have gone on together has been so sweet,
Just holding your hand and looking into the stars.
We’ve both been hurt a lot by our past relationships,
So, we must be strong, and mend our hearts together.

Sometimes, I cry over how happy you have made me,
But, I know our relationship has happened for a reason,
And, after I give you a kiss good-night, I know for sure,
That you’re the one for me.

I don’t mind buying things for you,
Because you’re over-protective of me,
And don’t want me to get hurt in life.
Whenever, I turn around, I’m surprised to see,
That you’re still by my side indeed.

In the movie theater, you always rub my legs,
And hold me tight,
And it makes me feel so special to be around you.
You’re never perverted, you’re never embarrassing…
And that is why I love spending time with you.


No matter where I am living,
I’ll still have these feelings for you.
You and I both know I am going away
To hopefully create a new life for me…
But, I’ll do as I promise,
I will bring you to me,
Once I get back on my feet again.


Yes, I know for sure now… You’re the only one for me!

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