Friday, March 22, 2013

You're Such A Fool!

You’re Such A Fool

You could have had me,
But you were too into yourself.
I have my own points of view, my own feelings,
My own dreams, my own plans.
I don’t know why you think I want to get married today,
But, I think it’s just a game you like to play.

Oh you claim I’m the one for you,
And that you can set me free,
But, after we’re done being friends,
You simply say the same words to another soul,
I’m just another victim to your lies.

Ohh you’re such a fool,
Didn’t see what you could have had with me.
If only you would have stopped pressuring me
To walk down that aisle with you.
Oh baby, don’t you see
We could have planned our future together,
We would have been rich together,
If only we could have taken it slow.
You’re such a fool.

We texted for a while,
And talked about our days,
And our similar goals together.
We were both call center agents,
But, on the side you were a dancer,
And I was the writer…
We could have made art together,
Oh baby…


Someday, I hope you grow up,
Stop looking for sex,
And start trying to find you’re one love…
I am optimistic that you’ll treat them with respect,
And not try to bring them down,
Or throw things at him,
Or make outlandish claims just to start a war!!!!

Ohh Christian, Christian, Christian… You’re such a fool!!!!


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