Saturday, March 16, 2013

The One

The One
Dedicated: All the homeless I’ve seen,
As well as the true potential many of us
Never reach.

The one lives inside of us all,
He is simple but yet charismatic,
His light shines on others
Tempting them to not give up,
To reach their level of consistency
In hopes they can influence others
To someday become the one.

Sitting by myself on this lonely street,
No one pays attention to me anymore.
I was once a master of accounting,
Now, I’m playing marbles on the sidewalk
And digging through trash.

Some days it gets too painful
To think of the memories of what once was.
You start to cry cause
You can’t find a place to sleep,
Nobody will spare a dime…
It seems hopeless until you see him…

A bright shining light walking down the sidewalk
Who’s presence gives you inspiration to live again.
He reaches out his hand to you,
And asks you to tag along for a while.

He’s the one you met out of destiny,
He’s the being with enough strength to drive you,
He’s the character you’ve always longed to be,
And, you two are now inseparable.

Sitting alone at the park,
I’m too old to be recognized anymore.
I’ve fought wars, and I’ve spilled blood,
But it’s all been forgotten in this long life of mine.

Some days, it’s more than I can take,
To think of how technology has conquered all,
And how I just can’t cope with all these machines.
I liked it best when life was simple,
And people still would go outdoors,
And enjoy the fresh air…

And, then you see the one,
Like a glaring light in your eye,
That makes you blink suddenly.
And, he reaches his hang out to you,
With Angel wings on his back,
And asks you if you would like to go play checkers.

Repeat Chorus

Ohh, the angels of destiny pulled some strings
To get you two to meet at long last.
Both of you will benefit from the relationship,
Never will use the other,
And together, you will set one another… free!!!

Repeat Intro.
Repeat Chorus (x2)

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