Saturday, September 29, 2012

Waiting To Be Saved

Waiting To Be Saved
This one is a bit too repetitive,
but still interesting to me. :)

Yes, I’m on my own,
So scared that I’ll be alone forever.
I date and date and date,
But nobody of good nature will stay with me.
Sure, you may like to be inside me,
But, you never want to stay with me,
Why do these boys always leave me alone?

I’m not alone in what I want,
I’m not the only one who feels alone like this.
I can tell my fellow friends and neighbors
Are going through the same dis-satisfaction I’m going through.
We’re all reaching our hands out to the sky
Waiting for our souls to be saved…

Every night I walk out onto my balcony
And wonder why the world is so cold.
My fellow brothers and sisters continue
To murder each other over nothing at all.
We came into this world for unknown reasons,
And we must all leave it at some point,
So why do we go on trying to hurt each other?
If only we could stay closer together…

You come over every other week or so,
But, you can’t commit to me.
You like to hold me for a while,
But soon you try to escape your feelings,
And you leave me alone again.
Why can’t you just stay with me the whole night through?


Why is it so hard
To find the one who will love me?
I will talk about it,
But, when the subject is brought up,
You just shrug your shoulders
And walk out the door.
Why is it so difficult for me
To move on to somebody who’s worth my time?


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