Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Cliff

The Cliff
(Dedicated to Brett)
Sort of a tear-jerker.

The young stud grew up a hottie,
He just had that blonde, blue-eyed ‘natural’ look.
Had the body of a god,
And the smile of an angel. 

He studied for some time and became
An expert at fitness and exercise,
And that helped him become a movie star.
He set it upon himself to be not only an actor,
But, a teacher and performer of fitness.

But, the choices he made behind the scenes
Put too much trauma on his body…
Perhaps, no one at all could foresee
The events that the future would hold.

The Cliff was so steep,
And he could not come back
From the fall…
Into the pit of black
Is where his body now lies.
His soul was strong,
But his heart was weak…
He is now forever lost
In a depression of solitude.

The stud got married to his high school sweet-heart,
And it all seemed like happily ever after.
With the ring on his finger,
He walked proudly down his street at night…
Never insulting another person,
Never committing a crime against humanity.

But the choices he made when he was away
Put too much weight on his shoulders.
With all the fans in the world he had,
It seems he risked far too much.

Repeat Chorus


He never woke up on Sunday Morning.
The angel the world fell in love with just lied there
Without a breath left in his body.
All the party drugs he took the night before
Had taken their toll on his giant heart.

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