Friday, September 14, 2012

The Man I Used To Love

The Man I Used To Love
July 26th-July 28th, 2009
 I wrote this one out of fantasy,
but very important subject.

I just can’t save you now.
You’re going around in circles
Wondering where all you’re money went.
You’re calling all you’re friends
And driving us crazy with you’re hatred.
You’re doing things to you’re yourself
That I can’t even dream of.

All the pills that you take,
All the promises that you never keep,
And all that I tears I cry
Over the man I used to love.

You’re throwing you’re life away,
You’re best friend is you’re drug dealer.
The only family you have left is me,
You’re throwing you’re life away
All I see on your face
Is a world full of sorrow & regret,
Please god, bring my angel back to me.

This is the man I used to love,
This is the soul I used to admire,
Gone are the dreams we used to have
I wonder if the man I loved
Will ever come back again.

You use to bring me gifts of pleasure,
Now, all I see are sights of torture.
Blood on your used syringes
That white, powdered substance on
Our coffee table.
All the commotion, all the fights,
We never make love anymore.

You’re sinking faster into debt,
You’re only desire is more drugs,
You can’t hold down a job,
You hardly spend time with your family anymore.


I pray for you every night
That you will snap out of you’re funk.
I realize it’s just a dream
And I have to wake up soon,
And walk out that door.

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