Friday, February 8, 2013



I saw you from the dark alley
And I wanted to talk to you so bad.
But, you were so reserved
And into yourself,
And I could never get you to notice me,
And I just have to say,

Hey man,
How’d you get so jaded?
I know it’s hard
To love a man again.
But, if you would just stop running away,
I could bring you so many better days.

I text you all the time,
To see what’s on your mind,
But, you never talk to me,
I can tell that you’re depressed
And repressed from the world,
Come here, just lay your head on my chest.

Come on, come on, come on…
I’ve been there before,
I felt him knock on my door,
Call up every family member,
Cause he was obsessed and wanted me back.
Just give me your hand,
And I can bring you back to the Promised Land.

How’d you get so Jaded?
You’re so beautiful,
And you could be so much more,
Then you’ve allowed yourself to become.
You could be proud, and boastful,
Just like me…

You have my number,
But you’re too scared to call.
You have too much frustration
From love and life, you say,
To give it another try…
Please, give it another try with me!

“Pursuing you is like trying to chase a speeding bullet.”
You gotta believe me,
I’m not him,
I’m not him,
I’m not him,

If you just take the chance with me!

Markus Allen, how’d you get so jaded?

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