Thursday, December 6, 2012


03-28-2011 to 04-08-2011

I took over this throne to avenge my brother,
To give this empire a chance to stand proud again.
I have fought in this war,
I have lost blood,
And I have almost no family left…
Just to hear you knock on my door.

You throw rocks at me
And tell my I was never meant to be
Serving you as your king.
You run away from
The reality of the situation.
And that is I’m the only one capable
Of being king until the prince reaches
The age of eighteen.

I see you hide behind your disguise…
You wear your masks out in public,
But you’re a demon
When the doors are closed,
And It’s just you and I…

You throw your knife at me in private,
And you wonder why I’m so guarded.
I serve you as a leader…
I asked you for your input,
And you acted in immature fashion.
How am I supposed to lead like this?
We should be honoring the dead
And moving into the future…

Instead, I am having to use self-defense
Against you and all my detractors…
Sometimes, I wish I had a sword,
To defend against all my protesters,
But, it’s just not in me,
To wreak havoc against another soul.

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