Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Another Causality

Just Another Causality

“From the heart of someone who hasn’t been rushed off to war, but who has
Lost a loved one.”

My brother rushed off to war,
Never to be seen again.
The news hit so hard the day
I found out you were executed.

The price you pay
For protecting your country,
And being men in arms…
The wave of panic
As the family scrambles to find order again…
Now that your history is finished.

I sit on your bed,
And I remember the moments
When you were still alive.
The days we would laugh and cry,
All the nights we couldn’t of survived
Without each other.
How I wish we could go back to those days
When I had someone to call my brother.

My brother’s not here today,
He’s never coming back again.
Now, I’ll have to pack up your belongings
And decide what stays and what goes.
Oh how I wish this could be someone else’s

My brother always leaped before he looked,
And now he’s fallen off the edge of the world.
I never got my last words in,
I never got the chance to avenge him,
All I got now is hate, hate, hatred…
Over what this empire is doing to my people.

I look out your bedroom window in the pouring rain,
But, you’re not walking up the pathway,
No you’re never coming back for me.
All the times you pulled me out of the quicksand
All the trouble I got you out of…
And now it all just fades with the dust.

It’s just another causality to this empire’s leaders…
It’s just another entry in their logbook,
They can’t possibly recognize what this person was to me,
They can’t know what a rarity he was in this world. 

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