Thursday, December 20, 2012

In The Garden Of Love

In The Garden Of Love
03-28-2011 to 04-08-2011

I follow the path through the garden
And I see you waiting so innocently.
Young Love has opened my mind
To the thoughts of who will marry me.

You’re a lower class citizen,
So we have to meet in secret.
My family doesn’t know of our adventures,
They’re too busy in the chaos of war
To know what we have together
In the garden of love.

Your hand reaches my hand,
And you tell me of your history.
I listen with all my pride,
Trying my best to control my desires.

You sneak out late at night,
Cause you hate your father.
You can’t stand the politics
Of this nation,
So we just chat about the matters
That concerns our relationship.

I put my hand on your hand,
And tell you of my victories,
You listen with all your might,
But, I know you’re just playing shy.

You prefer to take things slow,
And I adhere to your demands,
I would never do something foolish
To scare you away for good.
Someday I’ll break the news
Of the girl I want to marry,
And my family will learn to accept it…

Da Da Da… Da Da Da
Da Da Da… Da Da Da
I’m In love.

Da Da Da… Da Da Da
Da Da Da… Da Da Da
So In Love.

Wedding bells will ring in the garden of love
As I slip the diamond on your finger,
And kiss you with all my passion.
I’ll carry you in my arms,
Look into your charming eyes,
And tell you I’m the luckiest man on earth.

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