Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life Decisions

Life Decisions

My mind is going crazy with all the thoughts,
And all the things I want to do before I turn 18.
My mother was always trying to over-protect me,
And it caused me to feel suffocated,
And trapped under her cage,
And there is so much experience I simply don’t have.
Sometimes, when you’re in a cocoon,
You get so depressed,
That escaping becomes you’re only interest in life.

Once I get out of this prison,
I’d like to travel a little bit,
And maybe get away from this war
For just a little while.
Maybe, I could move to a deserted island,
And escape from all the chaos.
Have a lover or two, and walk
Across the beach every night.
And, as the sunset comes up,
I’d be writing a journey of all my experiences,
And all my wishes and wants in this world,
That’d be perfect for me, I think.

I have so many ideas piling up in my head,
Perhaps, I could make a name for myself,
And invent a brand new machine.
It will garner me even more respect, fame and fortune,
I have the love of the ladies of the world,
But maybe, this will get me some attention among the fellows.

I could just sit on my throne,
And laugh my ass off,
As I lead the nation,
While the money comes rolling in,
From my brand-new invention.

All the things I’d like to do with this country,
Rather than rush men and women off to war,
And cause un-neccesary deaths,
I’d rather put a productive spin during my time
At the throne.

I know the end of our era is near,
But, I choose to stand proud,
And I will go down as a historical ruler,
Even if we lose our final battle!

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