Saturday, December 22, 2012



I remembered the day it happened.
The day you passed away and your
Eccentric brother took over the throne.
Everyone had good things to say about you daddy.
They said you were the best emperor of all,
And I should be proud to have a dad like you.
If only you could have lived longer
To watch me grow up.
Tell me daddy,
What would you say to me right now?

I walk along this obstacle course of a life
Just waiting to find an answer…
As to why life has to be this way.
I put letters on your grave,
I sob and cry your name,
But, you never answer me.

Every day in the present is filled with such gratitude,
It feels so lucky to be a future king.
But, nobody knows the empty hole I have
From having only one parent…
I only get one answer,
One point of view,
One side of the equation.
I want to know what’s on the other side.

I walk along this wreck of a lifestyle
Just hoping for an answer from my God…
As to why my daddy can’t see me succeed.
I always smile back at the crowd,
And wish the best for this empire,
Things were certainly better when my daddy was alive.

What a test I have been given,
What a road I’ve chosen to follow.
Looking out into the road of the future,
I know exactly what this empire needs…
They deserve a better ruler like me
To make one final fight for this empire.

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