Friday, December 7, 2012

Prince Charming

Prince Charming
This is actually the final part. :)

Sitting on my throne,
Having flash-backs of the actions
I took that night in the darkness
Of that chamber.
Questioning why I did it,
If I could go back now,
And take it all back.
I certainly believe I would.
Why couldn’t I just have waited
Until after he died a natural death?
Or until he handed the crown over to me?

This is something I’ll wonder for all-time,
There’s no going back to yesterday now,
I must lead this country to the promised land,
Have my eye on tomorrow, but my feet
Must be on solid ground of the present tense.

There are many decisions I will have to make,
And I will always ask my friends and family
About what is right, and what is best.
Not all the decisions of mine will be accepted,
But, I will always speak from the heart,
And delivered what I originally promised.

And, of course, I will marry the lady,
From the lower class,
I love her from head to toe,
And my remaining family and friends
Will have to learn to accept this.
She means the world to me,
She calls me her prince charming,
And she will become the queen of this land.

Together, me and miss lady, will slowly bring peace
Back to this war-ravaged land again.
My land will be content again
Once we get past this current mess.
Our men will be brought back home,
And will be safe again with their families.
Our kingdom will return to the golden era again,
Where the gods would spoil us with fruit,
And over-protect us when we needed to feel safe.

But, our country has sinned too much,
To receive such blessings today.
The embarrassment of defeat in battle is how
We must pay back for all of our bad deeds.

Sitting on my throne,
I look at our depressed, paranoid nation
And I see only the future,
What our nation could potentially be,
And what steps it should take to get there.

I know I’m the leader that’s prophesized to get us there,
I know, I’ll be as great as my father was,
Perhaps even better!

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