Monday, April 29, 2013

Jealous Of Me

Jealous Of Me

Going on and on in life,
at my own pace, my own rate,
my own way,
I never rush myself to my destination
I never follow rules,
I only follow the path
of the passion inside my soul.

Complaining about me only behind my back,
I can assure you it won't get you anywhere.
You whine about everything, every person,
and expect people to take you seriously,
but you don't realize you're just hurting yourself.

OH hurting yourself.

You're only jealous of me,
because I do whatever I want,
and I don't really give a dam
if you approve or not.
And you wish, you could be me sometimes.

When I lived in your house,
my life and my goals were a disaster,
I was all over the place,
when it came to looking for work.
Me and your son we used to fight,
over the tiniest little things,
and eventually, I found much more success by moving away.
And, I know, that this really bothers you still,
because in your mind, I somehow still owe you money, ha.

Chorus (x2)

I can't apologize when it's out of my control,
Everybody has to make important decisions,
and not everyone is always going to agree
with the choices I made when I was rock-bottom,
and I had nowhere else to go...

I had to get away from you.

Chorus (x2)

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