Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moon In Cancer

Moon In Cancer

It’s 5 a.m., and I am so hot, naked and hard,
I opened a window to try to cool my room down,
But my hormones keep over-flowing,
And the summer heat never seems to go away.

He comes into my room
With a sword in his hands,
He smirks at me,
And asks me to come into his world.
But, he’s not real,
He’s just a character
I created in my complex head.

Oh when the moon is in cancer,
Strange things happen,
Unimaginable things are said,
And you’re thrust into a world
Where stallions run wild!

I follow him into the sea,
And I am surrounded
By beautiful creatures
Who rip off my clothes,
Spin me around and around
And make me moan in pure delight.

They carry me off into their village,
Lay me on a bed of roses,
And they each take turns penetrating me…
Ohh penetrating me so deeply
On this foggy night.

Oh when the moon enters the sign of Cancer,
You enter strange places
You wish you could’ve stayed longer.
You fall in love with souls
You hoped would have stuck around.
You have so many feelings in your heart,
That you just can’t stop crying over love.

I wake up in the morning,
And I look into your gorgeous blue eyes.
I thought it was all a dream,
But this character I created out of my imagination,
Has come to life
And fallen in love with me.

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