Monday, April 22, 2013


Dedicated to: A series of republicans
Who failed to move me.

You go on and on in life with no regards for intelligence,
Always holding your bible close to your chest.
Preaching to your kids how to live a sin-free life,
But never taking your own advice.

Always the homo-phobe (hypocrite) ,
You constantly think about men all day,
But never have the guts to come out of the closet,
And accept what you are to your family, friends,
Community, and your voters.

This is how you were raised,
You were never taught how to cry,
Never taught the value of honesty and integrity,
Instead you were taught how to cheat, get ahead
And win!!!
But, god has a way of evening the score,
I promise you that!!!

You keep your shot-gun in your closet,
Always threatening your neighbors with it,
But never actually pulling the trigger,
Eternally obsessed with violence,
You Keep livestock hung on your wall as a trophy.
Never possessing the ability to love a soul.
You can only love your guns, swords, knifes, grenades…
Things that you used to destroy your enemies
In the war, war, war, war, war!!!!!

Repeat Chorus

You’re always the hypocrite,
You could never show real emotion,
You could never cry,
Like you’ve been wanting to for years.
You could only slap and abuse her.
You should have asked for help long ago,
But it’s too late now to save your corrupt soul.

Ohhh… I know this poem will offend many,
But, the truth had to be said, and the republicans
Of today’s politics need to be exposed for the villains
That they truly are, they must be fought,
They must be defeated,
And they must be thrown out of office.

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